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20 Genius Home Organization Hacks You Need To Try

Feb 23, 2024

Struggling with clutter and chaos at home? You’re not alone. Home organizingcan transform the way you live, making your space more peaceful and functional. In this guide, we reveal 20 straightforward and innovative strategies to help you create an orderly environment. From conquering junk drawers to mastering your closet space, our room-by-room approach is designed to make decluttering manageable and to introduce systems that keep things organized long-term. Ready to reclaim your home? Let’s dive in.

Decluttering Decoded: A Room-by-Room Guide

A cluttered room with various items scattered around

Starting your decluttering journey might seem daunting, but a systematic approach can simplify the process. Begin by listing every room and space in your home that you want to tackle. This way, you focus on one room at a time, making the decluttering process less overwhelming and more manageable. It’s like eating an elephant, one bite at a time!

Once you have your checklist ready, it’s time to tackle the psychological barriers that often impede decluttering efforts. Fear of future need or holding onto items for ‘someday’ can hinder your progress. Remember, every item you hold onto is a piece of the past that is potentially disrupting your present. But how do you decide what to keep? The answer lies in setting boundaries and keeping only the items that truly serve a purpose in your life.

Here are some tips to help you declutter effectively:

  1. Tackle each room one at a time, ensuring everything has a place.
  2. Embrace short, timed decluttering sessions to boost motivation and demonstrate quick progress.
  3. Remember, decluttering isn’t just about creating an organized space; it also leads to reduced stress and improved sleep quality.

Remember, decluttering isn’t a one-off task but a lifestyle change. To maintain order, regularly assess each item’s use and store it back in its designated place. Have a ruthless approach to removing unused and worn items, as well as tackling too much stuff, to achieve enduring organizational success.

Maximize Your Vertical Space: Innovative Shelving Solutions

Wall-mounted shelves maximizing vertical space in a bathroom

After decluttering your space, the next step is organization. And one of the best ways to do that is by maximizing your vertical space. Floating shelves, for example, can serve as a stylish space-saver in your living rooms, providing an area to exhibit your favorite books, framed photos, and curios. Freestanding bookshelves, particularly those stretching from floor to ceiling, can offer copious storage without occupying much-needed floor real estate, giving you that extra space you desire.

Innovative solutions like separable wall shelf units allow for a versatile display, which can either stand as a single ensemble or be distributed around the room for a unifying theme. The back of closet doors can also be transformed into valuable storage space with the addition of hanging cubby-style organizers. These innovative shelving solutions not only provide more storage space but also contribute to creating an organized space that is pleasing to the eye.

The Art of Drawer Organization: From Junk to Systematic

Next, we focus on a notorious source of clutter: the infamous junk drawer. It’s time to transform it from junk to systematic. Here’s how:

  1. Start the organization process by creating an inventory of items and sort them into categories, considering the frequency of use and the emotional value of each item.
  2. Apply drawer dividers and organizing trays to ensure each item has a specific spot.
  3. You could use smaller containers within drawers to store easily tangled or small items like socks and camisoles, or reuse shoe boxes as economical compartment solutions.

Keeping your drawers neat and tidy is not a one-time task. It requires regular reassessment and refinement of the drawer’s layout to guard against clutter creep. Remember to start with an empty drawer for periodic resets to reevaluate the best organization approach. This way, you can stay organized and maintain a clutter-free living space.

Essential Storage Enhancements: Bins, Baskets, and Beyond

The next stage on our organization journey is to enhance storage. Bins, baskets, and boxes aren’t just practical; they can also be visually appealing. Clear bins and sleek boxes with integrated handles offer practical solutions for storing items with visibility and tidiness, while stackable baskets are great for sorting and saving space in organizing craft supplies.

But let’s not stop there. Efficient storage can be achieved by labeling bins and boxes using various methods such as printing tags, adhesive vinyl labels from a Cricut machine, or handwriting chalkboard labels, complemented by bins with label spots. So, not only do you efficiently store your items, but you also create a system that is easy to maintain and navigate.

Smart Furniture Choices: Doubling Functionality

Continuing our quest for a clutter-free home, it’s time to evaluate the role of furniture. Multi-functional furniture that doubles storage capacity and maximizes space utilization in different rooms is your secret weapon in home organization. Here are some examples:

  • Convertible tables, which serve dual purposes by expanding for guest accommodation and conserving space when not in use.
  • Ottoman beds, which offer innovative solutions for seating and sleeping in limited spaces.
  • Wall desks that fold out from picture frames or bookcases, providing a workspace that can be easily hidden when not in use.

These furniture pieces are not only practical but also help to create a more organized and spacious living environment in a small space.

Even items like floating shelves with hidden drawers, coffee tables with lifting mechanisms, and repurposed industrial carts can offer discreet storage solutions. The beauty of smart furniture choices is that they not only provide storage solutions but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your rooms.

Cultivating an Organized Closet: Tips and Tricks

Closet with uniform hangers and organized storage bins

Having addressed furniture, our next critical area is the closet. An organized closet can make a world of difference in your daily routine. Start by using uniformly styled hangers such as those with a velvety finish and chrome or nickel hooks. They not only prevent clothes from slipping but also create a visually appealing closet.

Next, maximize your closet space by using cascading hangers and clips for items like pants and skirts. Also, invest in durable hangers to maintain the integrity of your clothes, especially when transitioning from temporary dry cleaner hangers.

Finally, let’s talk about your shoes. Clear shoe boxes are ideal for protecting shoes from dust and allowing easy identification and access to different pairs when stacked. And for a personal touch and added visual appeal, customize shoe boxes with decorative paper or fabric that complements your closet’s aesthetic.

Streamlining the Laundry Room: Systems for Simplicity

Moving on, we enter the laundry room – a well-organized space here can significantly streamline your cleaning routine. Here are some tips to optimize your laundry room:

  • Mount drying racks on the wall to optimize space and improve functionality.
  • Place the folding area close to the dryer for convenience.
  • Ensure that laundry essentials are easily accessible to enhance the room’s efficiency.

Incorporate cabinets specifically designed to store items such as ironing boards and laundry baskets to maintain an organized space. Also, consider employing ‘clothes to put away’ baskets for each family member as a method to streamline the distribution of clean laundry. These systems not only simplify your laundry routine but also make the space more visually appealing.

Kitchen Cabinet Mastery: Cooking Up Order

Let’s now bring some order to the kitchen! Organizing your kitchen cabinets can be a game-changer for your cooking routine. Start by using clear turntable organizers to enhance spice and condiment visibility and accessibility. Two-tier turntables can maximize vertical space within cabinets, making them perfect for organizing smaller jars and bottles.

Next, drawer dividers help in maintaining order and keeping utensils neatly arranged, with some designed for extra-long items or with specific sections for lids and baking sheets. A deep drawer with dish divider dowels and a plate rack facilitates the organization of pots, pans, dishware, and vertically stored dishes.

Lastly, here are some tips to optimize storage in your kitchen cabinets for easier reach and organization of oils and vinegars:

  • Use non-skid turntables to prevent bottles from sliding around.
  • Use pie-shaped turntables to maximize space and make it easier to access items.
  • Use adjustable dividers to accommodate different sized bottles.

With these tips, you’ll have a kitchen that’s not only tidy but also efficient, making your cooking experience more enjoyable.

Taming the Linen Closet: Folding and Storing Made Easy

Focusing next on the linen closet, effective organization can make a substantial difference. Practice file folding to see all your linens in a single glance in the closet. Here’s how to fold bath towels:

  1. Fold in half widthwise
  2. Fold the bottom up one-third of the way
  3. Fold in half lengthwise
  4. Fold into thirds to form a compact square.

Similarly, follow the same folding method for hand towels to maintain uniformity and save space in the linen closet. For accessible storage, vertically fold washcloths and cleaning cloths following the file folding technique. These folding techniques not only keep your linens neat and tidy but also make them easy to access.

Efficient Office Spaces: Keeping Supplies at Bay

Neatly organized office supplies on shelves and pegboards

Next up is a crucial space for productivity – the office. Keeping your office space clutter-free can significantly improve your focus and efficiency. Start with pegboards fitted with hooks or baskets. They are an effective way to keep office supplies like pens, scissors, and tape organized and desks free of clutter.

A dedicated drawer with dividers enables efficient storage of small office items such as paper clips, rubber bands, and push pins, making them easy to find when needed. Personalized die-cut labels and acrylic organizers not only aid in identification but also contribute to a visually appealing office space. These strategies will help you stay organized and foster a productive working environment.

Playroom Perfection: Organizing Toys and Games

Switching gears from work to play, let’s delve into organizing the playroom. Involving kids in the organizing process can promote a sense of ownership and responsibility, making activities like toy rotation and organization a cooperative effort that also encourages sharing.

Using creative labeling with colors, pictures, or numbers, along with clear visibility of contents in storage containers, helps children easily identify where toys and games belong. Open shelving, accessible bookcases, and storage furniture with baskets and drawers make toys readily available and can be easily utilized by children, fostering independence.

With these tips, you can create a playroom that is both organized and fun for your kids.

Bathroom Bliss: Vanity and Cabinet Clarity

Let’s now turn our attention to the bathroom. Organizing your bathroom can make your morning routine smoother and more efficient. Start by maximizing under-sink bathroom cabinet space with stackable or sliding shelving that fits around plumbing pipes. Use inside-door storage solutions like over-the-door baskets for hair dryers and brushes.

Organize small frequently used items in vanity drawers with compartmented drawer organizers secured with putty. Keep countertops uncluttered by storing items in:

  • aesthetically pleasing wicker baskets
  • clear acrylic containers with dividers
  • tiered shelves that home disposable items or beauty supplies in labeled glass jars

With these strategies, you can achieve bathroom bliss, creating a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Garage Glory: Sports Equipment and Tools in Check

It’s time to get to grips with the garage. A tidy garage can greatly improve the functionality of your home. Start by evaluating each item’s importance and usage to decide what to keep, effectively decluttering the space. Employ the following organization tools to organize and store a variety of sports equipment and tools while keeping them accessible:

  • Wall-mounted racks
  • Slatwall systems
  • Gladiator GearTrack
  • Pegboard walls
  • Specialized hooks

Utilize overhead storage systems such as ceiling garage storage, Saris Cycle Glide, and wire shelving to free up floor space by storing light to medium-weight items and bikes overhead. Implement specific solutions like heavy-duty racks, ball ramps, garage cabinetry, and vertical stacking bins for organizing varying sports and tools, ensuring a tidy and efficient space.

These strategies will help you achieve garage glory, keeping your sports equipment and tools in check.

Seasonal Swap Strategies: Transitioning Decor and Wardrobe

Seasonal changes bring about shifts in our decor and wardrobe requirements. Transitioning between seasons doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you have the right strategies in place. Start by decluttering your wardrobe and home decor by donating, selling, or recycling items you haven’t used over the past year. Use the ‘one in, one out’ rule to manage your wardrobe space.

Before storing seasonal clothing, follow these steps to ensure they are in the best condition for the next season:

  1. Clean and repair any items.
  2. Use lidded plastic containers for storage to protect clothes from moisture and pests.
  3. Place the containers in cool, dark locations.
  4. Avoid using vacuum-sealing for natural fibers and puffy garments to maintain their condition.

With these strategies, transitioning your decor and wardrobe between seasons can be a breeze.

Living Room Refresh: Curating a Clutter-Free Zone

Living room with decorative storage solutions and minimal clutter

It’s time to give the living room a fresh look! Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Minimize clutter by organizing your coffee table, recycling outdated catalogs, and paring down knick-knacks.
  2. Revitalize the living room’s comfort by replacing slumped throw pillows.
  3. Refresh or wash throw blankets to maintain a clean and inviting atmosphere.

Incorporate decorative baskets for storage, selecting styles and colors that complement the living room’s decor. Use baskets with lids for less frequently needed items, and open baskets for more presentable items to contribute to a clutter-free yet personal space. These strategies will help you curate a clutter-free zone, making your living room a peaceful sanctuary.

Dining Room Dynamics: Tabletop and Sideboard Organization

Our next point of focus is the dining room. Organizing your dining room can make meal times more enjoyable and efficient. Start by using trays on the dining table. They group similar items together, making it easier to clear the table for meals.

Sideboards can be maximized by:

  • Categorizing items and storing like with like
  • Keeping all items visible and within easy reach
  • Adding helper shelves or standalone shelf inserts to increase storage space and accessibility

With these tips, you can create dynamic dining room spaces that encompass the entire room, both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Crafting Corner: Organizing Supplies for Creativity

While crafting can be an enjoyable and therapeutic activity, it has the potential to generate significant clutter. Organizing your crafting corner can enhance your creativity and make your crafting experience more enjoyable. Clear containers allow crafters to see their supplies easily without having to open each container, making organization both functional and appealing.

Use a label maker to create consistent and clear labels to categorize your craft supplies, so they are easy to locate and return to their designated spots. Mobile storage options such as utility carts or bar carts with wheels offer a portable and flexible way to organize and use craft supplies in different areas. With these strategies in place, your crafting corner will be a hub of creativity and organization.

Tech Tidiness: Managing Electronics and Cords

Given our digital age, effectively managing electronics and cords is a key part of home organization. Keep cords organized and untangled with comprehensive cord management kits like the Tokye Cable Management kit, which includes:

  • a cable management box
  • color-coded Velcro cable ties
  • cable clips
  • a cable sleeve

Bundle excess cords using cable management sleeves such as the Kootek 118-inch Cable Management Sleeve, cutting it to the desired length. Use Velcro One-Wrap Cable Management packs for neatly securing and managing frequently used cords.

And don’t forget about your electronic devices. Clearing cords from underneath entertainment areas simplifies cleaning and prevents disturbance to robot vacuum cleaners. Install a Docking Drawer with hidden electrical outlets inside drawers to create clutter-free areas for charging devices without visible cords.

With these tech tidiness tips, you can manage your electronics and cords effectively, creating a clutter-free and efficient living space.

Entertaining Essentials: Party Prep and Storage

For those who love entertaining, well-organized party supplies can enhance the enjoyment of events and reduce stress. Dedicate a specific area in your home, such as a section of your garage, guest bedroom closet, or linen closet, for party supply storage. Utilize clear stackable bins with labels for storing party supplies, categorized by theme, season, or color for quick retrieval.

Move stemware and drink-related items closer to where drinks are prepared or served, and ensure all bins and items are well labeled. Incorporate bar racks with hidden compartments for small bar-related items to maximize the efficiency of your entertaining storage solutions. With these strategies, you can be party-ready anytime!

Home Organization Hacks: Quick Fixes for Everyday Challenges

Lastly, we’ll consider some quick solutions for common challenges. Repurpose foam swimming pool noodles and PVC pipes to create cost-effective organizers for things like fishing rods. Use a bicycle hoist in the garage to efficiently store bicycles overhead, saving valuable floor space.

Establish a ‘Do Later’ box for small items that need sorting or putting away but cannot be addressed immediately. Prioritize organizing by starting with the most frequently used items, ensuring they are placed in the most accessible spots to facilitate ease of use.

These handy organizing tips can provide quick fixes for everyday challenges, making home organization a breeze.

Professional Organizers

Transforming your home into a clutter-free space doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. With a systematic approach, innovative storage solutions, and a bit of creativity, you can create an organized and visually appealing living space. And remember, when in doubt, leave it to the pros! Because sometimes, even the most genius hacks could use a little backup from Happy Housekeepers. Your stress-free, spotless home awaits!