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Multi-skilled Technicians


Happy Housekeepers deploys service technicians for your business!

We provide qualified and well-skilled technicians to help you manage and maintain your building facilities. The technician will perform different services such as maintenance, cleaning, repairs, other HVAC works for your property, including your building systems are compliant to building laws and codes in order to get building systems maintenance certification for your business. Our technicians are trained in the latest technology, tools and techniques to take care of all your needs.

Our team of multi-skilled technicians can help you with:



Our maintenance teams vigilantly oversee your building facilities to ensure they function flawlessly. Any issues with systems or equipment are promptly resolved.


Our cleaners ensure your office space stays immaculate, allowing you to focus on your business, worry-free.


We address minor issues like leaky faucets and burnt-out bulbs to prevent costly future repairs, saving you money and hassle.


Whether it’s a home, office, or industrial setting, we’ve got your installation needs covered.

Service Inclusions


On-call Maintenance

HVAC System Periodic Maintenance Service and Repair

Electrical Works

Plumbing Works

Painting Works

Retiling Works

Mechanical Works

PLANT Operations Maintenance

Partner with Happy Housekeepers to find an ongoing work solution that’s right for your business. Our team will help you find and hire the right maintenance technicians, manage payroll, and ensure that your building maintenance workers are qualified to do the job.

Building maintenance includes:


Operations Maintenance


Preventive Maintenance


Planned Maintenance


Breakdown Maintenance


Corrective Maintenance


Facilities Maintenance


We supply the right and expert technicians for your needs.


Minimizes risks associated in hiring

Hassle-free in managing people

Helps your operations to be more flexible

Improves efficient energy management

Ensures building compliance and regulations

Our technicians have complete government-mandated benefits:

Separation Benefits
Health Card
Complete Government Contribution
They are provided with:
Complete set of uniform

Basic Tools

Supplies and Consumables

Ensures building compliance and regulations

They have central support:

Quarterly Technical Audit

Technical Operations Assistance

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Ready to elevate your space with our Professional Cleaning Services? Whether it’s for your home or commercial establishment, Happy Housekeepers has the expertise you can trust. Contact us today for inquiries, bookings, or to discuss your unique cleaning needs. Let cleanliness meet professionalism!